Newsletter 2012

DAH Theatre Research Centre highlights in 2012.


The Jelena Šantić Foundation awarded DAH Theatre Research Centre for the activities and results achieved in 2012.


Empowering Young Women to Monitor Government Commitments in Gender Equality
The aim of the project is the regional partnership of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) contributing to the implementation of gender-related laws, policies and action plans in participating countries (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Partners :World Vision, Ireland, Kancelarija ,Tuzla, BiH, Sigurna ženska kuća, CG, Infoteka Zenica, BiH. The results of the project were FLASH MOB, on Republic Square in Belgrade, workshops in  Belgrade, Podgorica and  Zenica production of the films HANDS I, ADD WO ANIMATION, EXPECTATION ,  FALL, MILICA, HANDS II, IN THE SKIN OF THE OTHER , and also a documentary film of the work process.


Networking Memories
The project’s purpose is the creation of a new and sustainable network among 8 cultural and civil society organizations from the region and Italy. The results were four performances performed in Belgrade (as part of BITEF POLIPHONY), in Novi Sad (INFANT FESTIVAL) ,Sarajevo, Mostar, Prijedor,Peć, Priština,Rome and Trento.The project had at its result also the opening of four Museum of Memories, and in DAH Theatre excerpts of the performance  „Tender, Tender, Tenderly“ were performed. DAH Theatre partners were IMAM PETLJU-Gariwo,BiH  and Qendra Multimedia, KS, and the lead partner was ARCS ARCI, from Italy.



In/Visible City
Dah Theatre is the first organization form Serbia who was authorized by European Commission to be a coordinator and a manager of the project as part of the program EU „Culture 2007-2013“.

Dah Theatre worked on the project In/visible City in collaboration with artistic organizations from Denmark, Great Britain, Macedonia and France. The performance “In/Visible City “ was performed in May in Brighton, UK, in Ringkøbing, Denmark in June Partners on the project are Teatret Om ,Denmark, Prodigal Theatre ,GB,ART Media, Macedonia, and associate partner was Voix Poliphonique from France. The premiere of the In/Visible City movie was in November at the Cultural Centre Belgrade, excerpts from the performance were presented at the 57th International Belgrade Book Fair as part of the EU Info Centre .

Together with the Children’s Centre Mali princ” the project VARESO AVER-SOMETHING ELSE was realized and the premiere of the inclusive performance of Roma and Serbian children from elementary school “Despot Stefan Lazarević” was presented in DAH Theatre and in the School .

PREMIERE of the performance Dreams and Obstacleson 27 and 28 th of November.


July-DAH Theatre participate at the Theatre Albatross Festival in Sweden.

Inserts from the performances of DAH Theatre in Novi Bečej, as part of the encounter of Women in Black and Women’s Roma Network.

June-The performance Crossing the Line in Đulići, BiH , and at the Festival Teatr A PART (Katowice, Poland) with the performance The Story of Tea

April-CROSSING THE LINE Sarajevo, BiH ,as part of the MESS Festivala .

Members of DAH Theatre took part in the conference „Our Genocides– A commemorative cycle of performances and Conference” in La Mama, in New York, USA, and the round table about the resilience and art in the British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada, led master class at the  21st International Creative Drama in Education Seminar in Sanliurfa in Turkey, and led workshops, lectures and presented films in Virginia and Washington DC, USA.


Guest events in DAH Theatre :

  • IDEA Europe Meeting – the meeting of the European network of IDEA , as part of BITEF
  • OFF FRAME Festival  , with the performance Tales of Bread and Blood

Educational projects :

16.07 – 03.08  DAH Theatre Institute

20-28. 05.  Inside the Laboratory -Master class with professor and students of the VCU University from   Richmond, Virginia.

DAH Theatre was supported in 2012 by:

European Union, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, Fund for Open Society, Municipality of Vračar,ЕRSTE Bank, Kvinna Till Kvinna Fondation, Reconstruction Women’s Fund, World Vision,NKSS


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  1. It was good year for us :))

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